Spark Energy Digital Design

Company: Spark Energy 

Category: Web Design

Date: January 2016

Society as a whole is becoming more aware of the natural resources available and the ability to manufacture sustainable products with style and use of less energy. This project will focus on a sustainable company, Spark Energy, a one-stop location where an electric car can be plugged in, a nitro battery operated car can get a replacement and bio fuel cars can be serviced. This all-encompassing feature allows for more stations to be set up and less overhead for each of the emerging alternative fuel sector.


The apps main features include a form for users to search trips by given criteria, book and manage all future trips and track progress of current trip.


Create interactive elements to enhance user engagement to ultimately result in repeat visitors<em>.</em>


The structure and functions remain consistent throughout the mobile app for positive user experience and ability to work well on different platforms.


Create an effective navigation design.