Visual Identity

Rebranding Uber

Redesigning The Uber Brand Client: Uber Category: Visual Identity   Date: Sep 2017 Rebranding a company is tricky. Uber revealed a new look in 2016 that’s continuing to cause a stir. The focus of this project is to redesign the Uber logo that will better connect with customers. Concept Process Structure

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Web Design

Spark Energy Digital

Spark Energy Digital Design Company: Spark Energy  Category: Web Design Date: January 2016 Society as a whole is becoming more aware of the natural resources available and the ability to manufacture sustainable products with style and use of less energy. This project will focus on a sustainable company, Spark Energy, a one-stop location where an electric car can…

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Spark Energy Brochure

Spark Energy Client: Spark Energy Category: Print Design Date: January 2016 Spark Energy is a one-stop location where an electric car can be plugged in, a nitro battery operated car can get a replacement and bio fuel cars can be serviced. This all-encompassing feature allows for more stations to be set up and less overhead…

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